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Win Free Gift $500 in TacoBell Survey at www.tellthebell.com

Taco Bell is a standout amongst the most prominent drive-thru food brands of our nation, and whether you’re a supporter of junk food or not, nobody can deny that this specific joint’s fame is very gigantic. Ideal along with the other significant cheap food brands like KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s, Taco Bell separated itself from the earliest starting point by its assortment of ethnic-arranged formulas. Highlighting tacos (as the plain name suggests), nachos, burritos and quesadillas, and another claim to fame things, the Taco Bell menu is by all accounts heaven for individuals who appreciate Tex-Mex sustenance.

Another prominent component of their menu is the low-estimated “esteem menu” things that can give a moderate war dinner to individuals eating on a strict spending plan. Regardless of the entire rush of feedback focusing on junk food chains as a rule, regardless of whether they’re not gone for Taco Bell particularly, it’s no denying that this moderateness can have a key effect in the lives of a few people, while whatever remains of the eatery’s menu can give charming easygoing Tex-Mex sustenance for us all at whatever point we’re not recklessly determined bowed set on something fancier. TellTheBell.com is flavorful and advantageous, which is the reason it keeps on being a very famous decision for some Americans.

The prominent organization was established on March 21st, 1962 in Downey, California, by Glen Bell, who likewise gave the organization his name. His past experience was in running wiener stands, however, he changed to tacos in the wake of seeing general society’s incredible hunger for Tex-Mex nourishments and supposing he can make it simpler for potential clients to discover the sustenance they ached for in a comfortable setting.

In 1970, the drive-thru food chain was at that point running 325 eateries in the USA, and in 1978, Glen Bell sold the organization to PepsiCo, which proceeds to claim the eatery right up ’til the present time. This clarifies why the organization co-marks a few items together with KFC or Pizza Hut, coincidentally. To all you Taco Bell fans or intermittent clients out there, we will give you today another client criticism study that you can round out for the opportunity to win $500 in real money.

Through the Taco Bell – Tellthebell Survey website, the organization discovers more about your dimension of fulfillment and how they could enhance their administration, and you get drawn into the sweepstake. It’s everything simple as pie: simply pursue the means beneath and you’ll be done instantly.

After your Taco Bell visit, ensure you keep the receipt as it contains the code required for the client criticism review. Visit the Taco Bell study site from your PC or iPad, with the end goal to get to the shape: www.tellthebell.com

You can likewise get to the shape by visiting specifically the Taco Bell official site and just tapping the purple connection titled “Tell the ringer”. After you achieve the Taco Bell study page, select the dialect you need to use for noting the accompanying inquiries; you can pick among English and Spanish.

Enter the 16 digit code on the upper side of your receipt. You will be taken to another page with a short composed presentation about the Taco Bell overview after you perused it, click “next”. React to the inquiries in the study (about your dimensions of consumer loyalty), at that point leave your contact subtle elements that are required (name and telephone number).

After you click next once more, you will be done with the Taco Bell overview. On the off chance that you are chosen among the victors, you will get a call at the telephone number you have given. That is it, you’re finished. Make the most of your Taco Bell visits and good fortunes in the sweepstake!

Best Overall Low-Profile GPU – MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1650

Are you on the search for the best low profile video card in the market? This is also because they are numerous options available that it becomes difficult to pick one. Before buying the best low profile video card, you have to figure which one has the most suitable price, requirement, and performance. It’s not really easy to choose the right one only based on specifications. You must look into all the details, which is exactly what we plan on doing in this review.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best low profile graphic cards, so the decision to make your purchase becomes easier! Let’s begin, shall we? First, have a look at this table. It gives an overview of the comparison between some integral features. This is essential if you plan to buy the best low profile video card.

What is a Low Profile Graphics Card?

Low-profile graphics cards usually have shorter PCB (printed circuit board) as well as lower height (width) and thickness compared to standard cards. The PCIe card MD2 standard defines low-profile cards as cards with a max length of 167.64 mm and max height of 64.41 mm, including the edge connector.

Height defined in the MD2 standard usually represents width when it comes to official dimensions found on manufacturers’ websites. Thickness isn’t defined but we presume that low-profile cards should have a single-slot form factor. Again, official dimensions on manufacturers’ websites label MD2 standard thickness as height.

We’ve included low-profile cards that fit into the MD2 standard but we’ve also included gaming models. These aren’t true low profile cards since they have a regular height (width). But they have shorter PCBs in order to fit SFF (small form factor) cases. They also usually have two-slot coolers.

We’ve tried to include only cards with length up to 200mm but our high-end gaming pick is a bit longer. Despite its length of 209.6mm, it should fit into virtually any Mini ITX case, even the ultra-compact ones. When it comes to height, our gaming picks cannot fit into HTPC cases, which, in most cases, can fit cards with width (height in the MD2 standard) up to about 70mm. Now that we explained what exactly low-profile cards are, let’s check our eight best low-profile graphics cards.

  • ASUS GTX 1650 Low Profile OC

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1650 is currently the most powerful low-profile graphics card available in the market. The reference GPU for the GTX 1650 has a base clock speed of 1485 MHz, and a boost clock speed of 1665 MHz, whereas this card – the ASUS GTX 1650 Low Profile OC – has a base clock speed of 1515 MHz and a boost clock speed of 1740 MHz, so despite its low-profile size, it is still significantly more powerful than Nvidia’s original reference GTX 1650. Other than that, it has a dedicated hardware encoder, which is optimized for OBS streaming software, so you can stream or record your gaming sessions. It has IP5X dust resistance certification which ensures the cooling power and longevity of its two fans, as well as a protective backplate to prevent flex and maintain structural integrity.

  • MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1650

Taking everything into consideration: price, the ability to watch and stream 4K resolution videos, the ability to create a workstation that can handle more demanding programs, and also have the chance to game every once in a while, this card has the best overall value. If you’re looking to upgrade your SFF computer’s graphics card, the MSI GTX 1650 Gaming LP is the perfect choice to do so. It has a boost memory speed of 1665 MHz, 4GB of GDDR5 V-RAM, the standard 896 CUDA cores, two 40mm fans, and 8 Gbps memory speeds.

Top Rated Online Bowling Balls Reviews 2020

Bowling is a fancy, proficient, but complex sport. Any great bowler can tell you that the kind of bowling ball you use determines how you perform at the game. Success in this game does not only lie in your skill or level of practice alone. The best bowling ball can make you enjoy your game and make it easy to score. Bowling balls do not perform equally in different circumstances. Today, we will discuss the best bowling balls to help you understand which ball is ideal for specific lanes. You will also learn how to choose the Buying Best Bowling Ball. Enjoy!

How Heavy Should It Be?

The right ball weight is crucial. In general, an average adult male usually bowls with a 15 or 16 lb. ball, while a female bowls with a 10-12 lb. ball. Go up in weight if you are larger or heavier, and down if you happen to be smaller in stature. A heavier ball will have the power to knock down pins, but too heavy of a ball can cause injury or negatively affect your stroke due to the excessive weight.

Assuming you’ve bowled with house balls before, you should hopefully have a decent idea of what type of weight is best for you. (If not, pay close attention the next time you’re at the lanes.) For kids, a general rule of thumb is to use one pound for each year of age. (Ex. an 8-pound ball for an 8-year-old child.)

Be Patient

When you first hold (and release) a ball drilled to your hand, you might be afraid it doesn’t fit. This is because the house balls you’re used to using really don’t fit. With a little practice, your new ball will prove to be infinitely more comfortable and controllable than a pre-drilled house ball.

  • Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

This bowling ball in vivid colors is quite likely to stand out. These balls are available in multiple weights and colors. It is an undrilled ball, which means you can customize the finger holes on it for the best fit.

  • Hammer Black Widow

Let’s start off with the biggest selling point for the Hammer Dark Legend: it’s strength. Trust us, you won’t have to worry about this one chipping. The ball is infused with carbon fiber, making it ultra-tough. Hammer offers a three-year warranty on the Dark Legend, which is much longer than the warranty on most bowling balls. With it’s purple and black swirls, the Dark Legend looks worthy of its name. It’s made with a gas mask core, which includes Flex-Resin additive, ceramic surface process, and a carbon-fiber outer core. This is the pinnacle of evolution on Hammer’s already respected Black Widow line.

  • Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

This entry-level bowling ball comes in a three-color blend that makes it attractive. Its polyester coverstock makes it an ideal choice for dry lane conditions.

  • Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

This galaxy-themed bowling ball comes from a brand called Brunswick, which is quite popular for its bowling products. This is a great ball for kids, who are new to bowling and for parents who want a bowling ball from a good manufacturer.

  • Tropical Breeze Hybrid Black/Cherry by Storm

Yes, you read that right. This is a scented bowling ball. It smells like cherries to be exact. We doubt the smell will boost your score, but it’s an innovative touch. The ball is black with cherry colored swirls. The ball was designed for entry-level and casual league bowlers. The ball’s movements are easy to predict thanks to Storm’s Chamber Core, which is shaped like an inverted light bulb. Reliable ball behavior is great for beginners and the extra degree of control will help you develop your technique. Besides the futuristic core, the hybrid coverstock allows for smooth, gradual curve shots.


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